Embroidery Hoop Art


We moved Ruby Kate from her crib to her big girl bed when she turned 2. That was a year ago, and we are just now finishing up the decor in her room.  We didn’t have a convertible crib, so we had to purchase a bed for her. We decided a full bed was the best option because it would be harder for her to fall out, and she would be able to use it longer than a toddler bed.  We found this bed at Land of Nod, and we have been nothing but pleased with it. I have an obsession with Aneela Hoey fabric designs, so I decided to sew Ruby Kate’s bedding myself. I chose the Sherbet Pips line. We just needed some art to finish up her room. We looked for the perfect piece for over a year. I was inspired by the Cottage Mama when she used embroidery hoops to decorate her daughters’ room. And it just so happened that I had some spare embroidery hoops. When my grandmother passed away, my mother gave me her embroidery hoops. I pulled out my leftover Sherbet Pips fabric and hooped it up!  David was kind enough to paint them white and then hang them for me. I am in love with these. I can’t help but think about how happy my grandmother would be that I found a way to use these hoops in my little girl’s room.


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