Embroidery Hoop Art


We moved Ruby Kate from her crib to her big girl bed when she turned 2. That was a year ago, and we are just now finishing up the decor in her room.  We didn’t have a convertible crib, so we had to purchase a bed for her. We decided a full bed was the best option because it would be harder for her to fall out, and she would be able to use it longer than a toddler bed.  We found this bed at Land of Nod, and we have been nothing but pleased with it. I have an obsession with Aneela Hoey fabric designs, so I decided to sew Ruby Kate’s bedding myself. I chose the Sherbet Pips line. We just needed some art to finish up her room. We looked for the perfect piece for over a year. I was inspired by the Cottage Mama when she used embroidery hoops to decorate her daughters’ room. And it just so happened that I had some spare embroidery hoops. When my grandmother passed away, my mother gave me her embroidery hoops. I pulled out my leftover Sherbet Pips fabric and hooped it up!  David was kind enough to paint them white and then hang them for me. I am in love with these. I can’t help but think about how happy my grandmother would be that I found a way to use these hoops in my little girl’s room.


Doc McStuffins Birthday Party


I started planning Ruby Kate’s 3rd birthday party in June. After much deliberation, we decided to have a Doc McStuffins themed party at our home. If you are not familiar with Doc McStuffins, her animated series on the Disney Channel has become quite popular. She is a little girl who acts as a doctor to all of her toys. The show is fairly new, and it’s hard to find party supplies or even ideas. I have scoured the internet and my brain, and this is what we came up with. I tried to include links to everything I purchased from a third-party in case you are looking for Doc McStuffins party ideas too.

We sent invitations out a couple of weeks in advance and included a note to bring your favorite toy for a Doc McStuffins check up. I found these cute invitations at this Etsy shop, and I had them printed at FedEx printing.


Our guests were welcomed at the door with this sign.

DSC_5244Upon arrival, our guests were given a personalized guest doctor badge. We did this so each child could help give his or her patient a check up. I found the badges at this Etsy Shop. This shop was great about personalizing each badge.


Next, our guests headed to the clinic with their favorite toy for a checkup. They passed the waiting room (the stairs) on the way.


Here are a few pictures of our set up in the clinic. The Doc wall chart actually came as a fold out from a Doc McStuffins DVD we had purchased. On the clinic table, we had a Doc McStuffins doctor kit (from Target), a check-up checklist (found on Disney Jr. website for free), hospital bracelets for each patient, surgeon masks, band aids, and Doc McStuffins stickers. On the other side of the room, I had a table set up with paper, crayons, and stickers where each child could create a get well card for the sick toy.


After check ups, we had a play area set up with all of our spare doctor’s tools. This was great for the kids who finished their check ups before the others.


We finished all of the check ups and headed outside for an ambulance race. David had lined the yard with flags we made from white felt and wooden dowels. I played ambulance sirens I found on iTunes while the kids raced to the hospital (a play house we have in our yard). The kids really enjoyed this, and they all participated. It was so much fun.



Then it was time for the food. We enjoyed take out pizza from Tomato Head. The cake and cake pops were my favorite things at the party. They both looked great. I got the cake from a bakery I’ve been going to since my childhood called, Krahn’s Bakery. The cake pops came from this Etsy shop.



I love assembling party favors. This is probably my second favorite part of planning birthday parties. Here was our goodie bag. It included a doctor’s kit (from Target $ bin), a doctor’s checklist (from DisneyJunior.com), bubbles, band aids, a big book of boo boos (purple notebooks with hearts glued on by me), candy bracelets, a Doc Mcstuffins Memory game, Doc McStuffins headbands for the girls (made by my wonderful niece, Emi), and a Doc Mcstuffins mask for the girls (made by me from this embroidery file). I placed all of this into a plain white gift bag with a red cross sticker on the front.

DSC_5196 DSC_5200

And finally, I compiled a few pictures from the party. I’m so glad we went with the Doc Mcstuffins theme this year. We really had a lot of fun celebrating our little girl’s third birthday. Time to start thinking about next year! 😉