Garden Update


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I thought I would give an update on our garden. All of the plants are certainly growing, but I’m not getting very many veggies from them yet. We get two or three cherry tomatoes everyday, but we eat those before we get back to the house. The cilantro came and went quickly. In fact, the plant actually went to seed within a few weeks. Our other herbs  (basil, oregano, and sage) are still coming in strong. I think something is eating the squash, eggplant, and pepper blooms. I’ll see a bloom on them one day, and the next day it is gone. I’m not sure what to do about that. I think it may be my bunny rabbit friends. Next year, my garden needs a redo. It definitely needs fresh soil and maybe even a small fence to keep the bunnies out. I have some pinterest research to do!


Weekend Recap

Spring showers are alive and well here in Knoxville. It rained the entire weekend. By the looks of the forecast, it appears that we still have 2 more days of rain coming. I know that my garden is loving this rain, but I’m ready for a break!

In spite of the rain, we started our weekend off by attending First Friday in downtown Knoxville. We met friends for dinner and then just walked around enjoying the art. This was our first, First Friday. We did not buy any art, but it was certainly fun window shopping.

We began Saturday with our usual pancake breakfast (gluten free bisquick mix), and then we ventured out to Stanley’s nursery for some plants. We came home with sword ferns for our front door planters and a few new guinea impatiens for our back yard planters. We didn’t have room for anything else, so we’ll definitely be back to Stanley’s very soon. We wrapped up the day at swim lessons for Ruby Kate and then dinner at Tomato Head.

We ended up at Gourmet’s Market on Sunday for brunch. We go there every Sunday. After sampling all of the Sunday Brunch venues in town, we have decided Gourmet’s market has the best food. Hands down. About once every three months, they have a special called, white chocolate blueberry pancakes. Oh. My. I live for those days :).

We took a family trip to Publix Sunday night. It sounds silly, but family trips to the grocery store are some of my favorite times together as a family. It’s something we don’t do often, and we all have so much fun.

I didn’t  take as many pics as I meant to, but here are a few.

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garden time

We have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to plant our raised bed garden this year. I had a feeling that Ruby Kate would enjoy preparing, planting, and tending to the garden, but with a 2 year old, you just never know. Once we were pretty sure that it would stay warm enough for our garden to survive, we dove right in. Well, David did. He prepared the soil, and we planted.  When David and Ruby Kate posed for this picture, I had them say, “green acres” instead of “cheese.” It was cute.

DSC_4187DSC_4193 DSC_4198

We had some surprise oregano left over from last year, and it looks wonderful. It’s already more than I can use. I’m going to try to make some salad dressing with it, and will probably freeze some as well.

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Ruby Kate had a blast in the garden. More than anything, she enjoyed watering the plants. And, sometimes, she watered the dirt. I can’t wait until we can actually go down and pick things from the garden. We ended up planting tomatoes, squash, cilantro, basil, sage, peppers, eggplant, and okra. I see lots of tomato mozzarella salads in our future. Now I just need to learn how to make my own mozzarella.