I love this poster, and it’s so true. I love just looking at fabric, but I really love adding new fabric to my inventory. My favorite online fabric retailer is The Fat Quarter Shop. This is where I find most of my fabrics, and here are some of my favorites right now!

Timeless by Tanya Whelan


Tule Naranja Flora’s Oasis


In From the Cold Mint Hot Cocoa


A Merry Little Christmas Cream Trees


Mod Guys Luna Madison


Gracie Girl Gray Allover Flowers





I love Naturebox. If you are new to Naturebox, this is what it’s all about. Healthy Snacks delivered to you. It’s a monthly subscription service that you can cancel at anytime. You get 5 full size packages of healthy, delicious snacks each month. My second delivery came today. I opened all of the bags immediately, and sampled the snacks. The best thing we have gotten so far is Blueberry Almonds. They are so very good. There are all kinds of coupons out there for a discount on your first shipment. Just google it, and you’ll find some. I love this stuff.

French Press


While Ruby Kate & I were in Hilton Head with my family, we ate at Red Fish one night. We decided to order the fresh, french pressed coffee with our desserts. Oh my. I see french presses everywhere, but I never realized I was missing out on such a great thing. First of all, these little coffee miracles are so cute and come in a variety of bright, spunky colors. Secondly, you can buy them anywhere. I mean anywhere. I even saw them in the airport the other day. Thirdly, they don’t take up much counter space and are very easy to clean. Fourthly, they are cheap, $20 in fact. And finally, the coffee is incredible. I have been making coffee in my percolator for years. And I still use it from time to time. Mostly though, I am using the Bodum french press in lime green. If you are new to french press, it’s definitely worth your time to watch this video from Alton Brown teaching you how to achieve the perfect brew. I think I’ll go brew a cup now!

Best 4th of July Sales

Another bonus to being home for a few days is that I was able to take full advantage of the great 4th of July weekend sales. Here are some of my favorites.

Persnickety is one of my favorite children’s clothing brands. They are having a great 50% off sale right now on the spring collections. The designs are so fresh, unique, and the quality is great. I love that many of their items are not really seasonal, and Ruby is able to wear them all year-long.


Ruum is a children’s clothing store that was previously owned by American Eagle Outfitters. They were acquired by another company earlier this year. They sell casual, play clothes that are very hip. I ordered Ruby Kate several items for this year and in bigger sizes for next year at unbelievably¬†low prices. They have an additional 50% off sale, and if it’s your first time ordering, you get an additional 10% off.


Hanna Andersson makes great summer dresses for little girls. The quality is great, and they always have bright, summer colors. I ordered Ruby Kate a couple of dresses for this summer and for next during their 4th of July sale event.


Tea Collection is another great company for quality, hip play clothes for kids. They are having an additional 40% off sale right now.


J. McLaughlin has a preppy, casual look for women. I am a big fan of their dresses. They are having a great summer sale right now.


Tory Burch is having a 50% off sale. It also doesn’t hurt that they sent me a $50 gift card for my birthday!! Because of her birthday kindness, I like to refer to her as Aunt Tory :).


Things I’m loving from Trader Joe’s

We love shopping at our new Knoxville Trader Joe’s. They have great food, but let’s be honest. Ruby Kate is obsessed with the child size shopping carts. She is so preoccupied with pushing that cart around that for me, shopping becomes a breeze. So here are a few items I am loving at Trader Joe’s right now.

Mini Ice Cream Cones – perfect for those little girl hands and appetite. And they are so tasty.


Tuscan Italian Dressing – my favorite salad dressing right now. It has the perfect amount of balsamic.


Organic Midnight Moo – Chocolate Sauce similar to Hershey. The taste isn’t even comparable. Hershey needs to go back to the drawing board.


Parmesan Reggiano – Something about this cheese is just perfect on a salad with the Tuscan Italian Dressing above.


BKR Bottle


I purchased a BKR bottle in January. I’m not a huge water bottle person. I don’t feel the need to carry a bottle everywhere I go. BKR has changed my ways. I love my BKR bottle. I have now purchased two of these little gems. I have one in purple and one in pink. ¬†They are glass (no bpa), easy to carry, easy to drink from, and adorable. I can fill my bottle up 4 times a day and know that I’ve met my necessary 2 liters of water intake. They are a little pricey at $28 a bottle, but definitely worth the splurge.