Things I’m loving from Trader Joe’s

We love shopping at our new Knoxville Trader Joe’s. They have great food, but let’s be honest. Ruby Kate is obsessed with the child size shopping carts. She is so preoccupied with pushing that cart around that for me, shopping becomes a breeze. So here are a few items I am loving at Trader Joe’s right now.

Mini Ice Cream Cones – perfect for those little girl hands and appetite. And they are so tasty.


Tuscan Italian Dressing – my favorite salad dressing right now. It has the perfect amount of balsamic.


Organic Midnight Moo – Chocolate Sauce similar to Hershey. The taste isn’t even comparable. Hershey needs to go back to the drawing board.


Parmesan Reggiano – Something about this cheese is just perfect on a salad with the Tuscan Italian Dressing above.