Violin Lessons

I’m excited and nervous about Ruby Kate starting violin lessons. I’m excited because it’s such a fun instrument, and it’s a great hobby for her. I’m nervous because she is so young. I fear that starting her out so young will burn her out on it. I hope this isn’t the case, and instead her young mind enjoys and easily grasps reading music and playing the instrument. Fingers crossed!

We found a great violin teacher who is a graduate student at the University of Tennessee. Not only is she an experienced violinist, but she’s also a member of a blues rock band. Pretty cool. She is patient, kind, and fun. Everything is working well right now. Hopefully this will continue. Ruby Kate has lessons twice a week for 20 minutes at a time. Her teacher recommended these shorter lessons due to her age and attention span. One of our first assignments was to assemble a box violin from a macaroni box and some general craft supplies. After searching the internet, I found this tutorial to be the most helpful in completing this task.

Now isn’t this the cutest violinist you have ever seen?




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