French Press


While Ruby Kate & I were in Hilton Head with my family, we ate at Red Fish one night. We decided to order the fresh, french pressed coffee with our desserts. Oh my. I see french presses everywhere, but I never realized I was missing out on such a great thing. First of all, these little coffee miracles are so cute and come in a variety of bright, spunky colors. Secondly, you can buy them anywhere. I mean anywhere. I even saw them in the airport the other day. Thirdly, they don’t take up much counter space and are very easy to clean. Fourthly, they are cheap, $20 in fact. And finally, the coffee is incredible. I have been making coffee in my percolator for years. And I still use it from time to time. Mostly though, I am using the Bodum french press in lime green. If you are new to french press, it’s definitely worth your time to watch this video from Alton Brown teaching you how to achieve the perfect brew. I think I’ll go brew a cup now!


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