Fourth of July

Summer is flying by as I suspected it would. We have had quite the travel agenda this summer. It started with a quick trip to Mexico for my friend, Marci’s wedding. Then Ruby & I went to HIlton Head for a few days with my family. After that, we headed to San Diego for vacation with David’s parents. Needless to say, it was nice to be home for a few days to celebrate the 4th of July.

We started out the day at our favorite breakfast spot, Gourmet’s market. I had the red, white and blue pancakes – strawberry, white chocolate, and blueberries!

After breakfast we spent some time outside watching Ruby ride her tricycle. She’s getting a lot better at that. She also did a little tree climbing.


While outside, David decided to give his new toy a try. He worked so hard. I can’t believe how much better the wall next to our house looks.


We headed back inside and managed a few projects before nap time. Ruby created some 4th of July art . Our new craft medium of choice is pom-poms. We love gluing those to paper. Our glue of choice is glitter glue :).

DSC_4943 DSC_4947

We found some gluten free cupcake mixes at Williams Sonoma earlier in the week, so Ruby and I tried one. We made the vanilla and topped them with chocolate and cotton candy frosting. They weren’t bad for being gluten free. 



 After Ruby’s nap, we went to see Monster’s University. She is a movie lover, but she got a little scared this time. We stayed for a little over half of the film and then had to leave. I’m hoping she does better with Despicable Me.


We rounded out the night at Bonefish for dinner and then home for Ruby’s bedtime. It was a nice, fun holiday. Happy 4th of July!!


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