Tea Rex


Ruby Kate is somewhat fascinated with the dinosaur from Toy Story called Rex. She tells me that when Rex roars, it really scares Daddy, and she thinks that is funny. She is also fascinated with tea parties right now. Several times a week we end up on the back deck with a pitcher of water and paper cups. She fills the cups with “tea” and serves them to her many guests at the tea party (Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, baby doll, Woody, etc). When I saw this new book on Amazon called Tea Rex, I had to check it out. By the way, I am addicted to searching for great children’s books on Amazon. You never know what kids will like either. If I love it, chances are, she won’t. Turns out she loves this book. It’s so cute. The book describes how to host a tea party. The guest of honor at this tea party is a T-Rex dinosaur. The illustrations all include some humorous piece of information not included in the narrative. I love this style because it challenges the child to ask questions about the illustrations. There is one page that she always points out and requests that I describe the pictures. We read this book every single day, so I’d say it’s a keeper!



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